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King David street 26, jerusalem

When was the last time you went to a lecture - by someone who doesn’t usually do lectures?
One evening, six people, six ten-minute lectures.


18:30  Mingle and wander among awesome sales stands and a glass of beer (and more surprises)
19:30  Doors open 
20:00  We Begin :)

About the event

“People who usually don’t lecture” comes back this year for its fifth consecutive time in a one of a kind evening filled with short lectures by unconventional speakers. In the belief that through the storytelling of humane experience stigmas are broken and perspectives changed.

Among past lectureres were a female parking ticket officer, a kiosk seller from the shuk, a washer of the deceased, a plus size model, and a private investigator. 


The event’s format, which has now become an international phenomenon, has taken place in New York, Ashkelon, San Francisco, Jiser a-Zarqa, and Buenos Aires in collaboration with ZE.ZE, and led by the organization that manages the Tel Aviv Namal and the ROI community. 

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ZE.ZE is a social organization that produces social impact projects and a business model based on a community of young people. The community has a unique work model whereby each member of the community takes an active part in the projects and thus develops himself in parallel with the social change that takes action.
The vision is to create a stable community that generates and regenerates its revenue for years to come. Each of the projects has an economic model whose purpose is to ensure that the project will sustain itself financially. 
All the profits from the projects are returned to the organization and are invested in the promotion and establishment of additional social projects. Among the various projects: Philharmonic street, ZOT.ZOT and more.

:Among different projects

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People who don’t usually lecture

King David street 26, jerusalem 12/11/2018 20:00

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